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fortnite unlocking all gold skins in season 6 chapter 2 live gameplay
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Thanks to Refortniter for the gold skins!

fortnite season 6 chapter 2 gold skins
fortnite season 6 chapter 2 gold skins
fortnite season 6 chapter 2 gold skins
fortnite season 6 chapter 2 gold skins


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Mar 20, 2021




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Comments 100   
Coldside Month ago
WHICH ONE WAS YOUR FAVORITE? Thanks for using code "doom" in the Fortnite Item Shop! #EpicPartner
Serenity Izabel
Serenity Izabel 5 days ago
This is a complete lie👁👄👁 I’m at level 135 and have no gold skins
Christopher ODell
Christopher ODell 11 days ago
My epic is Agame16chris
jonah Fanjul
jonah Fanjul 18 days ago
Kids listen ur falling for a clickbaiter who wants money
Kieran van Essen
Kieran van Essen 21 minute ago
My epic is KIRNTY
zulfi khan
zulfi khan 7 hours ago
I am like lvl 130 and I still don't have any gold skin what is that supposed to mean..
Switch Sway best .
Switch Sway best . 9 hours ago
Can you gift me I sub I like I hey the bell
H L S 11 hours ago
I’m I don’t have my PlayStation you should I’m boring game in when I get my PlayStation and my name is sniper_blaster 21
Alfie Smallman
Alfie Smallman 12 hours ago
I like
Mauro Rafael Garcia
Mauro Rafael Garcia 12 hours ago
dude im level 155 and I don't have a golden jones style
Sage Kriptic
Sage Kriptic 13 hours ago
Hi I am a subscriber and my user is Sage Kriptic can u gift me double agents pack if it I ok
Saowanit Benitez
Saowanit Benitez 17 hours ago
MorganRocks 17 hours ago
this is cap because i got to level 120 and i didn't get agent jones gold style
zeeshan Parkar
GOLD. I know i m not gonna get add but my epic is zee312mkns I want the anime skin bundle or the batman skin
Lucas Hathaway
Urban form9
cute girl
cute girl Day ago
I'm a subscriber I want a girl skin
Jayceon Buchanana
Well thank you for my 5000 million
The M Channel
Can you upload
King Q
King Q Day ago
I need to know what the name of the music you used for this video
BL4ZE 2 days ago
I liked the vid subscribed to ur channel change the content creator name to doom My epic id ItsBL4ZE can u send levels cuz i already have battle pass plzzzzz
Nightmare_Simpaq 2 days ago
i'm level 150 and i didn't get the gold jones and gold lara croft
THE RAGGY 2 days ago
I got to level 120 and I didn’t get the gold Jones skin
James Hanson
James Hanson 2 days ago
Tiffany Evans
Tiffany Evans 2 days ago
That’s my fortnight epic games
Tiffany Evans
Tiffany Evans 2 days ago
Gacha Jacob
Gacha Jacob 2 days ago
Epic: Jacob sib Btw I never had a battle pass ever.
Sarah Hinojosa
Sarah Hinojosa 2 days ago
I did it GiB me my vbucks pls
Spider man 😂
ADI08 3 days ago
Orion_Wild-Card 3 days ago
iked and subscribed and turned on all notifications my epic is PWR flame pls gift me toon meowscles
Orion_Wild-Card 2 days ago
@The Starfish and unless your name is google stop acting like you know everything
Orion_Wild-Card 2 days ago
@The Starfish by the way i just looked at your six subscriber channel idk wich one of super smash bros but you both suck
The Starfish
The Starfish 3 days ago
Wont happen
Orion_Wild-Card 3 days ago
i also use code doom
kayla cummings
kayla cummings 3 days ago
kayla cummings
kayla cummings 3 days ago
Mursel Thaqi
Mursel Thaqi 3 days ago
Aj dont hav de batl mas bi coz am poor in game
Slippy Gaming
Slippy Gaming 3 days ago
I’m past all those leavels and have no gold but I have the other style s for all of those skins so is the cap
Rashad Schooley
Rashad Schooley 3 days ago
Shadow legends Games :D
Are you alive you have not posting anymore
Overt Drugs
Overt Drugs 3 days ago
The gold skin were not in. I'm at level 180 and no gold.
Family email
Family email 3 days ago
MY NAME IS moldy_chicken7 but I have the battle pass
Daniel Mikheal
Daniel Mikheal 3 days ago
Sølvi Lindløv
Sølvi Lindløv 3 days ago
I have the battel pass my name is Lion1960sunny
Luxe 4 days ago
It’s been a month we’re have you been
Breslin Rubart
Breslin Rubart 4 days ago
This is cap I’m level 140 and I don’t have any of these
elpidio compres
elpidio compres 4 days ago
I got to 120 level and I did not get golden Jones
rezhmanyousf 4 days ago
You are lying,cuz my level as 12í and I don't have any gold
† Cross †
† Cross † 3 days ago
Dude’s a clickbaiter.
Mark Augoustidis
Mark Augoustidis 4 days ago
Mark Augoustidis
Mark Augoustidis 4 days ago
Gift me the most expencef skin
I'm literally at level 145 and none of these have unlocked.
The Starfish
The Starfish 3 days ago
They dont unlock befire 205 til 225 also they are gold but they dont look like that
beast king
beast king 4 days ago
Raymonde Desir
Raymonde Desir 4 days ago
My Fortnight Name Jayden._.242
Raymonde Desir
Raymonde Desir 4 days ago
Eric Rodriguez
Eric Rodriguez 4 days ago
Hey!!! My username is THE KeySnail, Greta Work man, keep up with it
Marco Ball
Marco Ball 5 days ago
This guy is clickbaiting. I was over so much of these levels and I still do not have the golden styles.
Ssj4GogetaMain 4 days ago
I have them and I'm max level. Lol
Serenity Izabel
Serenity Izabel 5 days ago
This is a complete lie👁👄👁 I’m at level 135 and have no gold skins
Doodle77Goat 5 days ago
Um level 125 I dont the the gold jonsey
Ceez TV
Ceez TV 5 days ago
Level 210 is gol Tarana?
Yassine Khoulati
Yassine Khoulati 5 days ago
Epic: Yassine0344 plss i want the battle pass so bad and i use your support a creator code pls it will mean so much!
snake sniper
snake sniper 5 days ago
any one else some how not have the gold styles for Lara and agent jones
Red king fox 777
Red king fox 777 5 days ago
Jude dude
Jude dude 5 days ago
The gold styles are REALLY starting to get old now.
Peter Baxter
Peter Baxter 5 days ago
Oh gold jonsey at 120 im 144 strange dont belive this guy
Cutie Silver
Cutie Silver 5 days ago
Do challenges in creative
Alex Brock
Alex Brock 5 days ago
Quit US-first
Alan Hammond
Alan Hammond 6 days ago
Ny epic is BLifetours
BlueFlamer_Gamer 6 days ago
I'm level 142 with the battle pass and still don't have gold Jonesy
Sailor Mars
Sailor Mars 6 days ago
I have almost all in Gold 2 lvls left
mamoun hafez
mamoun hafez 6 days ago
I reached 190 and I didn’t get any
Lara Liedl
Lara Liedl 6 days ago
i only will the golden lara crotf skin lmaooo😭
Tasha McCormack
Tasha McCormack 6 days ago
Most i
TYLER BECK 6 days ago
I guess gold cluck is the favorite child
Omer Butt
Omer Butt 6 days ago
pete rite
pete rite 6 days ago
Upwindrammer 99
Anshul Menon
Anshul Menon 6 days ago
Gábor Kovács
Gábor Kovács 6 days ago
My name IST Dani gaming 9431
Gábor Kovács
Gábor Kovács 6 days ago
quanita amlay
quanita amlay 6 days ago
dancetys 6 days ago
I did not get it
Jovonni McCahill
Jovonni McCahill 7 days ago
You can still get XP in creative you can get over 20000
Wolsz Xferas
Wolsz Xferas 7 days ago
Lobo ferose Is my user ima sub now
Kaiden Cutright
Kaiden Cutright 7 days ago
i used your code
Jayden Solis
Jayden Solis 7 days ago
Idude I am only level 71
Kirsty Weekes
Kirsty Weekes 7 days ago
Are used your code I really want to be in a video with you I’m watching I always watch your videos and yeah I love you real and I really wanna play with you on fortnight my name is Ally 2230 on fortnight I really wanna play with you so maybe you could go ahead and add me
The Starfish
The Starfish 3 days ago
No one gives a shit
Jack Tennant
Jack Tennant 8 days ago
GeekRobot 8 days ago
I came here to learn about golf styles but I ended up fighting for the Republic.
Matevž Žužek
Matevž Žužek 8 days ago
My name in fortnite is: mačkaufrutabeli
James Hill
James Hill 8 days ago
What the iam level 130 and only have crome Raz
p p
p p 8 days ago
i’m already at lvl 150 and i have none of those gold people
Jolanta Miernik
Jolanta Miernik 9 days ago
Shahied Osman
Shahied Osman 9 days ago
My fortniet name is Ozzie 1128
kawaii drako
kawaii drako 9 days ago
I'm lvl 130 n I don't so?
Banana Squid
Banana Squid 9 days ago
jojo jolo cool
jojo jolo cool 9 days ago
XRV_Waraqa 9 days ago
Epic name is Waraqa_0805
Inspecta47 9 days ago
Why’d u stop posting man?!?!
Ψ DєMON JØsh シ
btw I’m lvl 123 but don’t have the gold jonesy
Ψ DєMON JØsh シ
He thinks gold is better because it’s not he max level one lol
Char Evans King
Char Evans King 9 days ago
Fortnite X Alfie
Fortnite X Alfie 10 days ago
Word gold
lmaojoshuaa 10 days ago
We can all tell he edited his level 🤦🏻‍♀️
Clutch Kidz Tv
Clutch Kidz Tv 10 days ago
i dont have them and im 130
Covid Nineteen
Covid Nineteen 10 days ago
Just lookin this up then my daughter smashed the tv screen with a toy horse saddle just now 🙁
Tucker 10 days ago
Wow they must have changed the skins, I'm at LVL 130 and 110 is chrome Tarana and 130 is chrome Raz, and 150 is chrome Spire Assassin, no Gold Jonesy or gold Lara Croft WTF
Froze EE
Froze EE 10 days ago
My epic: P8ffy_Twitch used your code
Snts Vortex
Snts Vortex 10 days ago
It’s only raz Tarana and assassin