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fortnite season 5 secret skin + mystery rewards unlocked in chapter 2 season 5 mystery skin revealed in new fortnite update today in season 5 chapter 2 battle pass trailer predator skin set reveal mystery challenges
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HIDDEN SECRETS in FORTNITE! us-first.info/player/video/fLGdnI2Ao6Bzm3k.html
MOST BROKEN GLITCHES! us-first.info/player/video/ZpKng6N1Y5R_Z4E.html
11 NEW REWARDS! us-first.info/player/video/a8uMhIedlKiamYU.html
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Thanks Skin Tracker for the gameplay!
#FortniteMysterySkin #FortniteMysteryRewards #FortniteSecretSkin #Season5SecretSkin #FortniteSeason5
Secret Skin REVEAL, Apple VS Epic Update, Fortnite: The Movie!
How to UNLOCK the SECRET SKIN in Fortnite Season 5 Battle Pass!
*NEW* SECRET SKINS FOUND in Fortnite! (Early Look)
How to Unlock MYSTERY SKIN in Fortnite Season 5!
I Stream Sniped a SECRET SKINS ONLY Tournament! (Fortnite)


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Dec 23, 2020




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Coldside 4 months ago
HAPPY HOLIDAYS ❄️ All I want for Christmas is you to use code "doom" 💙 #EpicPartner
Peyton Young
Peyton Young 3 months ago
Don't Believe Him I Was Waiting To Be Gifted But Not He Just Lies He Just Wants You To Use His Code Even I Put My Gamer Tag And I Used His Code
Christopher Martinez
I used code Doom can I get a gift pls Username: LightingSlaher76
Udont Know
Udont Know 3 months ago
@Junior G tdsgh gg
Sarah Hughes
Sarah Hughes 3 months ago
You bet I will do it
Kevin Walls
Kevin Walls 3 months ago
You my favourite US-first will keep up the good work
Sam Fergy
Sam Fergy Month ago
video starts at 4:15
Alfredos Brickfilms
This whole video is him stalling
Rainbow Creeper C
My name victornajib331
Sam Jones
Sam Jones Month ago
Epic Predator 1 Ready
Jaxson Ayers
Jaxson Ayers 2 months ago
I think you should do sad last plays.
WHOMEVER 2 months ago
Shutup you will not steal myxskin
Finnlay Evans
Finnlay Evans 2 months ago
I need stuff Viagra_4_brekki
Tiaan Vosloo
Tiaan Vosloo 2 months ago
ShadowWolfSA love your vds
Jacob Hernandez
Jacob Hernandez 2 months ago
Master Dog
Master Dog 2 months ago
My username is MichStfan
Ben Shasteen
Ben Shasteen 2 months ago
Christmas Niceguy41074
Derrick Bryant
Derrick Bryant 2 months ago
Tito Ruiz
Tito Ruiz 2 months ago
I did use star code doom
Saishen Naidoo
Saishen Naidoo 2 months ago
I cant afford skins so i couldnt use code doom but i will when my bank account gets made Epic: saishen_1711
Rupert Ehrke
Rupert Ehrke 2 months ago
Done “Doom” Secret word:Christmas Epic Id:rupertfn
Mihajlo Ostojic
Mihajlo Ostojic 2 months ago
I just got predator!!!
Rockster Brockster
Rockster Brockster 2 months ago
Doom Clan sucks
sean weir
sean weir 2 months ago
Please I just need it
Аделина Филипова
“Done” “Used code: doom” “ Secret word: Christmas” “Epic: AdiFilipova"
Info Martinez-Puente
EasyPeasy 2 months ago
What's this bs?
Ben Shasteen
Ben Shasteen 2 months ago
SuziTheDog 2 months ago
Why did you make the predator weapon like the Iron man Beam
SuziTheDog 2 months ago
bruh the predator is ugly in Fortnite that you showed
SuziTheDog 2 months ago
lol the icon looks funny lol
Ruby Mcdonald
Ruby Mcdonald 2 months ago
did all....Usernamerubyandriley....can i please get the battle pass
kiausinis lele
kiausinis lele 3 months ago
Done Secret word: christmas I used code: doom Epic: rural345spider
soldier kid Madane
soldier kid Madane 3 months ago
tatasoha11 on ps4
Brydon Figgs
Brydon Figgs 3 months ago
darkgaster 3 months ago
yah they look rly bad
Danielius Belousovas
Hello i really want a gift please my name is SilentSniper532
Trisha Presswood
Trisha Presswood 3 months ago
Can I have battle pass username mzer420
RS Mothergoosery
RS Mothergoosery 3 months ago
No only 5 less I think because I don't have it
an mo
an mo 3 months ago
swebslinger 3 months ago
Victor Cervantes
Victor Cervantes 3 months ago
Hi you’re so cool
Damian Tabraue
Damian Tabraue 3 months ago
my name is dtabraue
boudybadawy gaming
boudybadawy gaming 3 months ago
epic ID: boudybadawy
Brad Minick
Brad Minick 3 months ago
wyatt 2013
wyatt 2013 3 months ago
Matthew Ackman
Matthew Ackman 3 months ago
The predator skin and the awards are going to look like that he is true
Carlton Clan
Carlton Clan 3 months ago
Ola Born
Ola Born 3 months ago
All wrong
Rayyan Islam
Rayyan Islam 3 months ago
PSN Fh8zY 3 months ago
Love the channel Fh8zY
gavin Little
gavin Little 3 months ago
Plz i need the pass name ggf2245
ALPHA 22REG 3 months ago
For all those saying he's a scammer and that not everything was correct, these are just PREDICTIONS not everything is gonna be perfect but he wasnt too far off with his guess.
Evan Abney
Evan Abney 3 months ago
B1 Battle Droid
B1 Battle Droid 3 months ago
*casually deals damage with a cloaking device*
TKD_Sawyer Drums
TKD_Sawyer Drums 3 months ago
the emote is not lock on its bio helmet online
Abdulla Shkir
Abdulla Shkir 3 months ago
Petrol pass
bang bang bang
bang bang bang 3 months ago
Hello can I get a free game pass my user ragragfever 👋😄
Noob lord
Noob lord 3 months ago
I like how all the challenges were wrong except for one
FORTNITE Lover 3 months ago
Second and third are wrong and the emote and the pickaxe and backbling and wrap
Cogames 3 months ago
The predator does look like that I have the skin and my Username is Coeneo
Msvendosky 3 months ago
Jenn rob
Jenn rob 3 months ago
I knew he was coming 2 fortnite
lil vert
lil vert 3 months ago
He lied about the lock on emote the original emote for lock on is a math emote??(REPLY OR LIKE IF YOU KNOW WHAT IM TALKIN BOUT')
Justin Liersaph
Justin Liersaph 3 months ago
My fortnight user name isJuju_3D
Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams 3 months ago
Me just watching this disappointed the day release me was lying
Jokonic And Stuff
Jokonic And Stuff 3 months ago
The fact that only one of the awards is half correct.
Hype_Ceaser 3 months ago
Can I get the battle pass mine username is chickenlittle_mc
Reu Reu
Reu Reu 3 months ago
You were wrong on every single reward 😡😡😡
Keonte Medley
Keonte Medley 3 months ago
Ezekial A
Ezekial A 3 months ago
My epic is Zeke 2009
Rash Wadhwa
Rash Wadhwa 3 months ago
When I went to stealthy stronghold I freaked out when I heard weird noises
Draven Harris
Draven Harris 3 months ago
secret word christmas and my username is ddddddddd53
roi nordoy
roi nordoy 3 months ago
youth code Doom
Steve Oregel
Steve Oregel 3 months ago
Thomas Switzer
Thomas Switzer 3 months ago
Done lets see what happens
Kendra Gasperson
Kendra Gasperson 3 months ago
Matthew Allred
Matthew Allred 3 months ago
Nasty_Fuzion1 Christmas
jay dee
jay dee 3 months ago
I found the camp an the heli and the space ship the sounds an i new that was the predator
P4TH3R14 3 months ago
And I used your code
Alien Chick
Alien Chick 3 months ago
Done Code used doom Secret word Christmas Epic alienbabe11
Xman gamer
Xman gamer 3 months ago
Very wrong
Ellie Xxx
Ellie Xxx 3 months ago
*Coldside* island code 0898-0357-4654 .
meshari jafar
meshari jafar 3 months ago
Me give me the battle pass my server is auto my name is Mesharijaffar
Jason Grace
Jason Grace 3 months ago
I use ur code in the item shop
IsmaelOso 3 months ago
Id ismas pit
Scott Martin
Scott Martin 3 months ago
gift me now
Scott Martin
Scott Martin 3 months ago
my xbox name is Martin8209
BlakeDaBloke 64
BlakeDaBloke 64 3 months ago
It’s amazing how much time and effort was taken in this video just for 90% lies. Sad
BlakeDaBloke 64
BlakeDaBloke 64 3 months ago
@ALPHA 22REG “*ALL* MYSTERY REWARDS + SKIN in Fortnite SEASON 5!”. Plus they weren’t predictions he was saying this is what it’s gonna look like when that’s not true at all
ALPHA 22REG 3 months ago
Dude it wasnt lies he was just making predictions
land5860 land5860
land5860 land5860 3 months ago
The sunglasses are for the new shotgun
GREENEMACHINE80 3 months ago
These designs look sooooo bad
Zeev Kaplan
Zeev Kaplan 3 months ago
Stephanie Gomes
Stephanie Gomes 3 months ago
Χρήστος Καρανίκας
Done, haven't use code yet but i will start using it if i get a skin gift Chrskrnks
IJustTooGuud 1
IJustTooGuud 1 3 months ago
I need the battle pass please I just cried and I dropped a bell and this is my plane and come or Jackson psych boy
Fn Gaming
Fn Gaming 3 months ago
Tommorow is the new challenges I’m so hyped
Harika Yolay
Harika Yolay 3 months ago
I love your videos so much I play fortnite to ollie the times
Taahir Mohamed
Taahir Mohamed 3 months ago
Are they out yet
Banana Banasen
Banana Banasen 3 months ago
Banana Banasen
Banana Banasen 3 months ago
Code doom
Codrane 3 months ago
My epi name is Codrane
yuping shen
yuping shen 3 months ago
il did your code
Sarah Hughes
Sarah Hughes 3 months ago
I want the joker pack
Sarah Hughes
Sarah Hughes 3 months ago
My user name sonic.x.Corbin