14 HIDDEN REWARDS in Fortnite SEASON 5! 

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fortnite season 5 chapter 2 hidden rewards for free skin, emote, rewad + season 5 secret challenges in fortnite chapter 2 season 5 update today
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Dec 4, 2020




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Coldside 5 months ago
WHAT ARE YOU MOST EXCITED TO GET? Thanks to everyone using code "doom" 💙
Yvonne Mc Conaghy
Yvonne Mc Conaghy 2 months ago
Hello I did everything you said also my user is SkyGuy94. With the dot
John B
John B 2 months ago
I’m using it
Brian Padilla
Brian Padilla 3 months ago
Can you plz gift me the battle pass Briansocer2010
The Predator
The Predator 3 months ago
My epic ID is iRockTheSecond type it how I did
Ahmet Topal
Ahmet Topal 4 months ago
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Margy Deckert
Margy Deckert 4 days ago
0:33 *”this is the thing u need.” 𝐟𝐬𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐬.𝐛𝐮𝐳𝐳 ”Am I right?” 垃圾。Lord*
Mr. WHIIP 12 days ago
Can I have a skin? I subbed, liked, and allowed all notifications! My name is Sluurpy_BanoonA
Killaaghostface 19 days ago
Saterday 😂😂😂😂✊🏿
Kemal S
Kemal S 23 days ago
I use your code
Monika Marszalek
Mein neim is in fortnite adam160311
Owen SML
Owen SML Month ago
I use your code
jagdeep kaur
jagdeep kaur Month ago
my name is classy_pluto0
Declan Kidd
Declan Kidd Month ago
Declan Kidd
Declan Kidd Month ago
mine is deku2012_8 io
Brody Beaveridge
my user name is Beave44
Gitto Kathe
Gitto Kathe Month ago
"00:27" Why don't people use: *𝕸𝖔𝖇𝖉𝖚𝖉𝖊 .𝖈𝖔𝖒'* instead of wasting their time here
Lavonna Baseler
Lavonna Baseler Month ago
"03:41" I would stick to *MOBDUDE .COM* that's where we get ours
Craig Gibbs
Craig Gibbs Month ago
Isaac Martinez
Isaac Martinez Month ago
Zondo Bricks
Zondo Bricks Month ago
Zander Stokes
Zander Stokes Month ago
Plz giftjacknamer inwill love you then no other youtuber ever really gifts subscribers
· GAM3R101 ·
· GAM3R101 · Month ago
I not very lucky with this stuff but Albertson 007
Pixwool Month ago
Guess the “miss Midas” skin is real now, and it’s sick.
Audra Reiswig
Audra Reiswig Month ago
God ninja mode
erik Beri
erik Beri Month ago
WiredSundew7033 my dream is get the battle pass have a good day.☺
Bryson Cunningham
my name is this BrysonC22
dani05j Month ago
"Done secret word peels
Gavin Feeny
Gavin Feeny Month ago
My name is for fortnite is utopianyak34366
ELENA Petrova
ELENA Petrova Month ago
Kristof Smets
Kristof Smets Month ago
Did use ur code
Kristof Smets
Kristof Smets Month ago
ID. anonymoussss888
Gavin Buddy
Gavin Buddy Month ago
Epic user: UncagedSqid852
Ryan Monson
Ryan Monson Month ago
spray fn
spray fn Month ago
fordnent jace
fordnent jace Month ago
i use code doom my epic id is GamingDante1211
Sam Lawday
Sam Lawday Month ago
My epic username is Faze_Ellis_
123. 45.
123. 45. Month ago
Bounty brella is like the menace glider its purple golden just like the menace skin i also tried it with the skin
Markel Waitt
Markel Waitt Month ago
Mohsin Baladraf
Mohsin Baladraf Month ago
yo give me back my 9 minutes and 57 seconds this video was trash
Bieke Pype
Bieke Pype Month ago
Done Secret Word:Agent Code used: doom Username: Flor-Master
Doms World
Doms World Month ago
I need it for my channel
Levi Sanders
Levi Sanders Month ago
Peely code dooM Levi23458
Mason Williams
Mason Williams Month ago
Also useyourname:wjs1969
Mason Williams
Mason Williams Month ago
Yo I see that you know from the heart that fortnight is one of the best games and that made me want to play Fortnite for the first time
alyson davies
alyson davies Month ago
peely secrat word username charl_petty
Mason Plummer
Mason Plummer Month ago
I done everthing Masonkid5923 Peely
Mason Plummer
Mason Plummer Month ago
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Jackychan 999
Jackychan 999 Month ago
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Amri Van Der Merwe
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William Paulk
William Paulk Month ago
Audrey Olson
Audrey Olson Month ago
Hi ur my fav US-firstr I subscribed my user name is ZooAudrey
Da Cuber
Da Cuber Month ago
1:09 start
Mama Jones
Mama Jones Month ago
James MADDEN Month ago
My fortnite username is ggaming2010
Cassandra Stutts
Wolf Team
Wolf Team Month ago
Saviour Gatt
Saviour Gatt Month ago
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Kasper Pedersen
Kasper Pedersen Month ago
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Hema Prajapati Month ago
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Will Russ Month ago
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Mason Marquardt
Mason Marquardt Month ago
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Mason Marquardt
Mason Marquardt Month ago
Millen Kane
Millen Kane Month ago
My name in fortnite it's kaney2012
Natalie Galvin
Natalie Galvin Month ago
Osaghae Osula
Osaghae Osula Month ago
"Done" "Secret Word: Peely" "Code: doom" "Username: Osa_GX"
Aris Braxtonazeez
“Done” “Secret Word: Agent” “Code Used: doom” “Username: AmeliaBoston”
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Jen Hunt Month ago
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Thomas Richards Month ago
Adam Jones
Adam Jones Month ago
I will use your code
Beckett boone
Beckett boone 2 months ago
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Beckett boone
Beckett boone 2 months ago
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Villinite 2 months ago
It said “wig-lexa” is she bald or something?
Shellimiah Stanier
Shellimiah Stanier 2 months ago
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Karen Codog
Karen Codog 2 months ago
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Lake Fernando
Lake Fernando 2 months ago
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Sunflower Deakin 2 months ago
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Sunflower Deakin 2 months ago
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Russell Kusaka
Russell Kusaka 2 months ago
Angie Gendek
Angie Gendek 2 months ago
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Ruby Mcdonald
Ruby Mcdonald 2 months ago
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Britney Gardee
Britney Gardee 2 months ago
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Ally Hall
Ally Hall 2 months ago
baby-yodaforlife I subscribed and love your vids
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Gabe Busby 2 months ago
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Skaiste Gliebute 2 months ago
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Nancy Petersen 2 months ago
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pizza playz 2 months ago
Diego & Jr
Diego & Jr 2 months ago
Stephanie Nord
Stephanie Nord 2 months ago
Seaweat1418 or Seaweat1814
David Huser
David Huser 2 months ago
Omg that excruciating intro... Stupid video. Dude doesnt even know what he's talking about. I came here to see what secret rewards there are. Not what you THINK the rewards are going to be. How you gonna have footage playing as a warrior peely and then tell me its not in the game yet? Dude you goofy af, and Your video is confusing af. 2 thumbs way down.
Marielys Diaz
Marielys Diaz 2 months ago
Is this real
blob fish
blob fish 2 months ago
my epic name is ubaid_2010 i used ur code
moxie meowscles
moxie meowscles 2 months ago
Raven_Falcon_SC I done all u said at start
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Lameck Lemi 2 months ago
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Brendin Ely 2 months ago
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VALKYRIE ... For Noobs
VALKYRIE ... For Noobs
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